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Welcome to Everest Datacentre Limited,, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in Northern Irelandand Everest Datacentre Ltd, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) in the Republic of Ireland,dedicated to harnessing the vast opportunities in the Hyperscale and Edge Data CentreSectors. Our team comprises a distinguished group of international and Irish executives,each bringing specialized expertise in Finance, Business Process Management, Data CentreConstruction, IT, Law, and General Management.

Everest Ltd is dedicated to project development within the Data Centre industry, exclusivelyfocusing on the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our mission is crystal clear:identify suitable data centre sites, contract site builders and operators, and secure fundingfor each project. We undertake discussions with the power company for grid power andobtain the necessary approvals.


At the heart of Everest Datacentre Limited, mission is the aspiration to uncover, develop, and nurture data centre opportunities in Ireland, a uniquely positioned island ready to meet the surging global demand for data and online services. To realise this vision, we've assembled a dedicated team led by visionary Danesh Varma. This team boasts diverse skill sets, encompassing legal expertise, engineering, financial acumen, project management, and local regulatory liaison.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to seeking high-pressure gas pipelines, whereavailable near the site, and mixing them with hydrogen, granting green certification to thesite. We also proactively engage with local councils to obtain permissions for data centreoperations, with a strategic focus on transitioning to renewables by 2024/2025 as more windresources come online in the west of Ireland.As the demand for data services continues to explode, including from the metaverse, NFT,and web 3.0, Everest Ltd aspires to build hyperscalers. We've garnered interest frompotential partners in the United States.Our strategic roadmap includes potential divestments or acquisitions, aiming to become a1000 MW powerhouse by 2025, positioning us to compete on a global scale.

Services from India

Everest Datacentre Limited, offers a unique opportunity to leverage the success of India's burgeoning data centre market, which is experiencing rapid growth. We plan to collaborate with two formidable Indian partners to bring in services and establish 300-500 MW data centres in Ireland, harnessing their financial prowess and expertise.

Possible Data Centre Locations

Our experienced team has meticulously identified and inspected various potential data centre sites across both the Republic and Northern Ireland. These strategically located sites, in proximity to urban centers and with reliable power access, offer promising development prospects. Available on request, post an NDA.